When it comes to improving the quality and depth of your data, we understand that you may want to do it yourself. That’s why we have made services easily accessible via our self-service portal IMD enables you to validate, audit, clean, screen, and suppress your customer data. Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a web browser. With no annual licence fee and no obligation to purchase along with a free data quality audit report, giving you the insight to improve and quickly enhance your data before commitment to buy. Ensuring your data is up to date and compliant with data regulations, creating the right brand image and increasing your response rates and ultimately your return on investment.

Try before you buy our tailored data cleaning, data validation, screening and suppressions services.

Run your own free online audit to get an instant review of the quality of your consumer data and how we can improve it. Our services include data cleansing, screening and suppressions, using a range of datasets from industry leading suppliers. Once you’ve evaluated the report, you can cherry pick the services you need to give you the best improvements on your data. The report is logically presented, with a headline summary giving you an accurate view of your data, followed by a more detailed breakdown. You do not need to buy any cleansed or enhanced data until you have reviewed and understood the full report. Once you decide to download data, prices are displayed as you make selections so you know exactly what data you are buying and how much it costs, before you commit to the purchase.

Once registered, you may use as much as you like to give you instant access to all of our data services. Service Summary enables you to maximise on your data resources by enabling you to:

  • Identify, flag and suppress from your files those who have died, goneaway or who have requested no unsolicited contact through the preference schemes or through your own internal suppression file process.

  • Trace to their new address, customers who have moved home.

  • Append consumer intelligence to your database at individual, household or postcode level.

  • Append telephone numbers and ex-directory flags.

  • Validate the syntax of email addresses within your file.

  • Identify and remove duplicate records within your database.

  • Screen out salacious words.

  • Provide a Data Quality Audit Report which provides details on each of the processes above. Datasets

The following datasets can be used in to clean and enhance your data:

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