Data Enhancement, Data Enrichment & Data Appending

What is Data Enhancement, Data Enrichment & Data Appending?

However you term it, data enhancement, data enrichment and data appending is all the same thing and it can be run at the same time as data cleansing.

This is the process of adding extra data your customer records. This data can provide additional consumer insight that can assist customer profiling and understanding. draws on Callcredit Information Group's vast data assets to make available key consumer attributes and classifications that can be appended to your customer files at postcode, household or individual level for further customer analysis, modelling and data selection purposes. users can append the following attributes to their data:

Segmentations: Property Characteristics: Demographic Characteristics: Financial Characteristics:
CAMEO Income
CAMEO Financial
CAMEO Investor
CAMEO Property
CAMEO Unemployment
CAMEO Welfare
Connected Technology Segments
Green & Ethical Segments
Council Tax Band
Average House Price
House Type
Domicile Type
Home Insurance Renewal Month
Length of Residency
Date of Birth
Individual Modelled Age Band
Household Age Band
Household Lifestage
Presence of Children
Youngest Child Age
Head of Household
Household Composition
Marital Status
Social Class
Household Income Band
Save & Invest
Credit Risk
Financial Attitudes
Channel Preference

Data enhancement, data enrichment and data appending using has been designed to make the process of data enhancement as quick and easy as possible. It provides access to all the added-value data variables and all the other data cleaning services that you need to keep your data in top condition.

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