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National Deceased Register

National Deceased Register

The Ark's National Deceased Register (NDR) is widely acknowledged to be the UKs most reliable and accurate deceased suppression file and is relied upon by the vast majority of the country's leading bureaux and data processors to ensure their databases are maintained to the very highest standards.

The National Deceased Register differs from other files in the UK market in that it is built using data derived from the management of financial services products including life insurance, pensions and annuities. The file does not contain any volunteered data and, as such, delivers consistently high levels of accuracy.

Typically 40,000 records are added each month - of which some 30% are unique to the NDR file.

  • Strong data provenance
  • Market leading levels of accuracy
  • Captures over 90% of all UK deaths
  • 30% of records are unique to the NDR
  • Complete file refresh every month (in accordance with ICO best practice guidelines)
  • Competitive and flexible pricing terms
  • Unrivalled speed to market

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Deceased Screening
The Ark
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