Data Cleaning and Enhancement News

May 2014

Callcredit announce the launch of the all new CAMEO UK consumer segmentation and microsite.

'Callcredit Information Group has today announced the launch of its new powerful and highly discriminative consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO UK. CAMEO UK classifies every individual, household and postcode in the UK for use in customer profiling, prospect targeting, market analysis, retail planning and risk for pricing assessment. It forms part of a suite of over 40 worldwide consumer classifications.'...

April 2014

Callcredit announces National Deceased Register added to

'Callcredit Information Group has today revealed that the National Deceased Register is to be used within its self-service data cleansing and enhancement tool Callcredit already use two existing datasets to identify deceased details, however incorporating The Ark's National Deceased Register (NDR) will improve the precision of these further.'...

December 2011

Callcredit announces new profiling report in

'Callcredit Marketing Solutions has unveiled a new data profiling report within its self-service service data cleaning and enhancement tool The new-style report is easy to understand and helps direct marketers develop their customer acquisition and management strategies by highlighting which variables are the most predictive for targeted mailing list selections and which datasets are the most discriminative for data enhancement and segmentation.'...

October 2011

New 'Green & Ethical' segmentation now available in

'In today's society, eco and ethical issues are increasingly influencing consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. That's why consumer data cleansing and enhancement specialists Callcredit Marketing Solutions have today made their new Green & Ethical segmentation available online within'...

September 2011

New data enhancement audit to increase customer understanding.

'We all know that it can cost six times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep a current one especially in today’s economy. So knowing more about your existing customers can help you develop more profitable and long lasting relationships.'...

June 2011

New 'Connected' technology segmentation now available in

'Consumer data cleansing and enhancement specialists Callcredit Information Group have today made their new consumer technology segmentation 'Connected' available online within This new customer profiling tool helps marketers differentiate consumers by their technological behaviours, aptitudes and attitudes. It has been built by Callcredit using marketing data from their "Core" consumer universe, combined with information from the YouGov Media Panel and its Technology and Telecoms survey to deliver key insights.'...

April 2011 launches email append service

'Consumer data cleansing and enhancement specialists Callcredit Information Group have today launched a new email append service through their online tool Marketers can now increase consumer touch points across their marketing database by appending email addresses online both quickly and easily 24/7.'...

May 2010

Callcredit Information Group launches desktop marketing solution for resellers

'Following the successful launch of online data cleansing, address management and data enhancement tool, to end user clients, Callcredit Information Group has launched a version specifically designed for the reseller community. The online self-service tool, reinforced with offline, dedicated account management support enables resellers to profile, audit, clean, screen, suppress and enhance their clients' consumer data. New functionality includes a personalised template which enables resellers to brand reports with their own company logos.'...

November 2009

Research Reveals That Lax Data Management Has A Dramatic Impact On Consumer Attitudes

'Research released today shows that 88% of UK consumers would change their attitude to a company if they were mailed with incorrect contact details. The research carried out by leading data cleansing and address management experts Callcredit Marketing Solutions identified this as well as what would turn potential customers off and turn them away from using a company.'...

October 2009

Callcredit Marketing Solutions Adds New Append Nearest Functionality

'Organisations who have stores, branches or retail outlets of any kind and want to advertise them within their direct mail campaigns will find great benefit in the new 'nearest' functionality within Continuing with their commitment to invest in the development of data cleansing, data enhancement and address management too, Callcredit Marketing Solutions has this week added new functionality to their service, allowing marketers to perform 'nearest' analysis across any file run through the system.'...

September 2009

Independent Review of improvemydata by Database Marketing

'The status of automated, online list cleansing services has gone from a couple of niche sites ten years ago to very much a mainstream option today. Some websites strive to offer as many services as possible through an integrated portal, others prefer to keep it simple; improvemydata from Callcredit Marketing Solutions falls into the latter camp. Solely focused on consumer data services, this straightforward list cleansing, profiling and appending service is the subject of this month’s review.'...

April 2009

Callcredit Marketing Solutions Launches New Online Data Cleaning Tool

'Data cleansing and address management experts Callcredit Marketing Solutions, have today launched their new self service tool for data cleaning, profiling and enhancement: which now supersedes their 'CAMEO Online UK' and 'Broadata' offerings.'...

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