What Our Clients Say

Mike Prime - Director (Mailing Services), JAMM Print & Production Ltd

Jamm has always found Callcredit to be an incredibly reliable, professional and efficient organisation that we rely on heavily in our industry on a regular basis for data cleansing and processing to enable us to maximise client data and postal requirements and savings.

The software package improvemydata.com is extremely user friendly and extremely quick when we are running against tight schedules with our clients.

Alongside this Callcredit has a good help support team and sales team that are always willing to assist and help. I would certainly recommend Callcredit as a supplier.

Mark Robinson - Managing Director, Qbase Direct

Qbase Direct has worked in partnership with Callcredit for a number of years, due the professionalism and the proactiveness of our Account Manager. improvemydata.com is a superb application, combining Callcredit's excellent data sources with simplicity of use and great functionality.

Laura MacAulay - Marketing Manager, Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Agency has used Callcredits’ online data cleaning service improvemydata.com for the last two years. It has proved to be an invaluable service to improve our mailshots and marketing activities. We regularly send data to be checked and have found it incredibly useful for suppressing addresses. This has improved our rate of responses as we can ensure that our mailings are reaching the intended addresses. The service is quick and easy to use, with data coming back in minutes! I would recommend this service to others.

Customer Engagement Adviser, Yorkshire Water

In 2010 we started an integrated marketing campaign to show customers what they get for their money - something that 40% of our customers wanted to know more about. As well as advertising on TV and online we distributed targeted direct mail campaigns to customers across Yorkshire. We needed a rapid tool that would help us suppress campaign files from the mailing. Improvemydata looked like a tool that could help us do this both quickly and easily so we signed up to the online data cleansing and processing service. We used improvemydata to suppress those customers from each mailing who had already received the campaign.

I have found improvemydata extremely easy-to-use. Many of our campaigns have to be turned around very quickly, sometimes within a couple of days. My experience using data bureaus would have meant that it would have taken me about a week to get the data that I needed - something that simply wasn't an option. Improvemydata enabled me to process my data well within 24 hours, helping me to get my campaign out on time.

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