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PAF Validation and Enhancement

Correctly addressed mail helps you reduce mailing wastage, save money and create a better corporate image. Using the right addresses also ensures prompt and reliable delivery of communications meaning you’ll get a better response. The Postcode Address File (PAF) is a complete database of every address in the UK to which mail is delivered, together with its appropriate postcode. The database contains over 28 million addresses of consumers, businesses and other organisations. PAF is produced by the Royal Mail and is updated quarterly.


Using sophisticated name and address matching software, is able to remove duplicate records from your database or mailing list. This service is customised to your needs as the rate of de-duplication depends on the match criteria chosen. For example, the deduplication rules can be set to ensure that the output file only contains one record per household. By reducing the number of records available for subsequent processing and mailing, deduplication can save significant amounts on print, production and postage costs.

NCOA - Royal Mail

The National Change Of Address file is provided by the Royal Mail, and contains details of consumers using their redirection service. Both old and new addresses are supplied for those consumers who have taken out a permanent redirection of their post, and agreed for this data to be used by licensed data bureaux. At 2008, the NCOA file contains over 18m records and is growing at a rate of about 90,000 records per month. The file contains records from early 1994 to the current day. Even after the householder's contract for forwarding elapses, the historic entry will remain on the NCOA register.

Deceased Screening

Callcredit have access to a number of Industry leading Deceased files including:

  • TBR - The Bereavement Register is a file of deceased individuals who have been registered by their relatives.

  • Mortascreen - A file of deceased individuals gathered from verified sources.

  • NDR - National Deceased Register - The Ark's National Deceased Register (NDR) is widely acknowledged to be the UKs most reliable and accurate deceased suppression file and is relied upon by the vast majority of the country's leading bureaux and data processors to ensure their databases are maintained to the very highest standards.

  • Goneaway Screening

    Callcredit have access to a number of Industry leading Goneaway files including:

    • GAS - The Gone-Away Suppression file is made up of confirmed gone-aways.

    • Purity - Acxiom Purity contains 13.1 million verified and confirmed goneaways - no postal returns.

    • NCOA Suppress - The National Change of Address file allows us to suppress records where the individual has used the redirection service.

    MPS - DMA

    The Mailing Preference Service was established in 1983. It is a list of individuals who would prefer not to receive unsolicited direct mail from companies. It is compiled from written requests sent to the MPS, which are then added to the file. The file is comprised of two sets of data:

    MPS Original – The original MPS file held at household level. This file was frozen as of September 2007, and new names will be added to the Personal file

    MPS Personal – All new registrations are be added to this file, details are held at an individual level. It is used in conjunction with MPS Original and is updated monthly.

    Please note, that you may have been previously informed that you need to re-register every 5 years, this has now changed and you no longer need to renew your registration.

    Baby MPS - DMA

    The Baby MPS was launched in May 2002. It enables parents who have suffered a miscarriage or bereavement of a baby in the first weeks of life to register their wish not to receive baby related mailings. The file is updated Monday to Friday. Registrations are put on the file the day they are received. Records will remain on the file indefinitely unless cancelled by the subscriber.

    TPS - DMA

    The Telephone Preference Service enables individuals to register their objection to receiving direct marketing calls with the Direct Marketing Association. It is unlawful to place a direct marketing call to an individual who has registered with the TPS, and companies must comply with an individual's request for suppression no later than 28 days after the request was registered. Screening customer databases and mailing lists against the TPS ensures that telemarketing is legitimate. Failure to comply with the TPS legislation can result in a fine of up to £5,000.

    User Suppression File

    By using the User Suppression File option, you can screen your file against a 'Do not mail' list or similar. You could also upload a list of people who you had already mailed, and screen against this list instead. Mulitiple files can be uploaded, and you can add more records to an existing file.

    Telephone Number Appending – BT OSIS

    Callcredit Marketing Limited work under license from BT to access the directory information database. This is the same database used by companies offering a 118 Directory Enquiry service. The OSIS file (Operator Services Information System) represents the most accurate and cost effective source for the appending of telephone numbers against names and addresses. Updated daily it also includes cable and mobile telephone numbers where these are provided by operators. The database also contains information for subscribers who prefer for their number to be 'ex-directory'. XD searching is useful in that it confirms a listing exists for an individual, but the telephone number cannot be returned. An XD flag appended to a consumer record where you already have a phone number, can indicate they are less likely to respond to telemarketing.

    Email Syntax Validation can check the syntax of email addresses contained in your file. Badly structured addresses are flagged so that they can then be removed, or a correct address obtained from the contact.

    Contact Details and Salutation Generation

    In order to complete a mailing file it is often necessary to generate a contact field for the envelope and a salutation for the mail piece itself. For example, for the input name “Mr John Smith”, the contact name “Mr J Smith” will be appended to the record and the salutation “Dear Mr Smith” will also be appended. If there is insufficient name information to generate a salutation, the default salutation of "Dear Customer" will be appended, which can then be manually amended if required.

    Salacious Word Screening

    Avoid the brand damage and offense caused by salacious names or inapropriate phrases contained in your mailing files. The name and address fields in your file are screened against the salacious names file, compiled in-house and updated frequently.

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